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Tuesday, March 3rd.  5:45P-7:45P  Live Well Tucson is a wellness program that combines seven weekly informational sessions with a variety of physical activity options. The goals of the program are to help participants better appreciate the components of good health – preventive care, nutrition, physical activity, stress reduction, sleep, happiness and social connectivity – and help them develop strategies for living a healthful life and creating sustainable good habits.

Informational sessions:

  • Preventive Care – your PCP as your partner in health
  • Physical Activity – being active for the rest of your life
  • Nutrition – intelligent eating habits
  • Stress Reduction – advice to help you better recognize and respond to stress
  • Sleep – recommendations for developing a sound sleep routine
  • Happiness & Social Connectivity – living a joy-filled life and sharing it with others
  • Maintaining Good Habits – how to carry on with what you have learned

Cost:  $80 for the series; $15 per stand-alone class. Payment can be made at The Core anytime, at the start of the 1st session or by calling 520-324-2673

If purchased as a series, the program includes:

  • Pre-program questionnaire and anthropometric measurements (height, weight, waist circumference, estimated body fat percentage)
  • One-hour, one-on-one consultation with a wellness professional (Registered Dietitian) to help participants develop health goals and identify barriers to achieving those goals
  • Post-program questionnaire and opportunity to provide feedback on the program
  • In-depth follow-up, one month after the end of the program, to take new anthropometric measurements, review and revise health goals and, if necessary, direct participants to pursuing other wellness programs or health professional consultations

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